Australia and the Syrian Civil War

Australia’s government and official opposition have publicly announced their support for the recent retaliatory strike by the USA against a military airport in Syria.  The retaliation was because of the use of chemical weapons by, presumably, the Syrian armed forces.  Many innocents were killed in the Syrian military action and yet I find it hard to believe that there will be any positive outcome for the US strike.

Using 79 cruise missiles which must have cost at least US$500,000 each the US has expended US$45,030,000 and within days the attacked base had returned to operations.  The US military action has been described as “proportional” but has achieved very little in fact, essentially nothing really.

Only a fool would advocate putting western military forces on the ground in Syria and as a result of the pointless attack using cruise missiles and the utter disaster that would result from putting western forces on the ground it must be clear that the only possibility for peace must be by negotiation.  Of course negotiation can only be successful if the sides, and there are more than two of them, are able to share some common goals and it is absolutely clear that no such common goal exists.

Lacking both a military solution and a negotiated solution the Syrian civil war is destined to continue and the targeting of civilians, hospitals and schools by the Syrian armed forces and government will continue unabated.  What a miserable failure humanity is!