Slip Sliding Away

The erection of a fence at Australia’s federal parliament building is a symptom of the extent to which politicians are separating themselves from the people.  The parliament building and the elected who attend there were supposed to belong to the people but increasingly the building is being turned into a fortress and the enemy outside is the electorate.

The Parliament building was designed to allow the people to walk and sit on the grassed slopes while their elected representatives worked below them.  There were lifts that the people could take from the sides of the area down to the House and the Senate but these were closed off quite some time ago.  Last year, 2016, was the last time that Australians could actually enjoy the lawns that cover the parliament building.  Now, the entire area is fenced off altogether.

The fence represents the failure of our politicians to respond to the wishes of the electorate who have almost completed their own isolation from the people who elected them.  The fence is the ultimate failure of Australian democracy.

Image result for Australian parliament house with fence construction

Our politicians say “up yours” to the rest of us

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