The Pursuit of…

It seems that most people would allow that one of their most common pursuits is of happiness but it seems to me that happiness is, by its nature, and ephemeral thing.  For me the pursuit of contentment makes more sense.  Happiness comes and goes as events occur but the pursuit of contentment may result in the maintenance of real contentment.

I have to admit that contentment has eluded me so far but I may find it one day and if I do I will be able to say to myself that my life has not been wasted.  I have achieved some things in my life that I find highly satisfying and when I exercise the rights and privileges pertaining to those things I an both happy and content.  But there is too much in my life that pushes happiness and contentment away from me.

When I was very much younger I used to find contentment in wandering in the Australian bush.  I always saw kangaroos in their natural state, snakes in theirs, goannas and the occasional echidna.  There were no koalas where I lived back then.  I used to wander at night as well as during the day and way out there where there were no lights of towns and cities the night sky was magnificent and uplifting.  It inspired thoughts without limit.  The Milky Way and the full moon made nights almost like days, there was even some colour to be seen around one.

The bush was is quiet at night, very passive; it seemed to be very content in a way that attracted and influenced me and still does so many years later.

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